Partner Ministries

St. John's has the privilege of working with several other churches and organizations on mission projects. These ministries include:

TWIGS Ministry: The mission of TWIGS is to help the communities we serve grow strong, healthy children by eliminating physical hunger and to raise awareness about the widespread problem of childhood hunger.

Faith Coalition: The mission of the Faith Coalition is to be Christ’s hands and feet in the local community and beyond. The goal is for area churches, united through Christ, to be ‘one body with many members’ in selected common missions.

Project 612: The mission of Project 612 is to minimize wasted cafeteria food by redirecting it to those in need. Uneaten prepackaged food, destined for school cafeteria trash bins, is collected & distributed to the needy through local public aid agencies. 
1 twigs ministry
2 faith coalition
3 project 612