Biblical Learning & Discipleship

“Our inner nature is being renewed day by day.” 2 Cor. 4:16

The missional church is a community where all members are learning what it means to be disciples of Jesus. The Bible has a continuing, converting, formative role in the church’s life.

At St. John’s we are striving to be more intentional about building people into Disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world. As we become people who study more and more about God and God’s work in the world, we will become people inspired to transform the world into a place of equality, freedom, and love open for All people…doing the work of Disciples of Jesus Christ. We as the church, believe it is our job to help transform our congregation and community into people that consistently choose to do what is good, to uphold justice and compassion in every situation, and to bring hope to a broken world. Jesus demonstrates this type of life as we can read in the Gospels, and the Holy Spirit lives within us to inspire us to live the same way. We believe this is the Good News to be shared with our families and friends and anyone else God places in our path.

This priority is a challenge to open yourselves to the workings of the Holy Spirit and allow yourself to be converted and formed by God every single day. As Disciples of Jesus we believe that God is not done with us, God is still calling us to a life of restoration and transformation, and God has built his church upon us to carry his message to the world. To help us work toward this priority we will provide opportunities for people in all stages of life to grow in their faith in community through these 3 goals:
  • All members will be given the tools to fulfill their membership vows of prayer, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Action steps include: conducting a sermon series on membership vows, creating a member covenant and a renewal of membership vows service in November, engaging existing members in their vows and encouraging them to participate in discipleship and leadership development, offering a quarterly seminar during Sunday school to gather with new members to teach about the vows and integrate them into the congregation, and introducing “Radical Hospitality” practices.
  • Assist individuals in fulfilling their membership through community. Action steps include: identifying existing groups and introducing new groups as connectional, growth, or accountability; reinforcing the New Ministry Development form for starting a new group/activity; encouraging all groups to move toward discipleship and service; and asking all groups to sign a covenant.
  • All members will have the opportunity to learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ through Life-Groups. Action steps include developing and implementing a process of “shifting” to life-groups.