Lean on the Holy Spirit

“So that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power  
belongs to God and does not come from us.”
2 Cor. 4:7b

The missional community confesses its dependence upon the Holy Spirit, shown in particular in its practice of corporate prayer.

If we do not depend fully upon the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit – both in our individual lives, and together as the Body of Christ – we will be inclined to miss the mark and wander needlessly as God’s people. The main way we depend upon the Holy Spirit is through prayer, including praying together (corporate prayer). We must consistently gather into the Body of Christ so that we can seek and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is only in community that we discover all that God has in mind for us. As we depend on the Holy Spirit we gather, we welcome, we include, we pray and we receive all persons into the inclusive, life-giving, spirit-filled Body of Christ. To help us achieve this priority, the Vision Team has developed 2 goals:
  • Teach people to practice prayer more regularly in their daily lives. Action steps include: creating a prayer time at the altar rail during services, offering a prayer workshop, providing a prayer keychain to members, placing prayer request boxes at the church, and establishing a prayer room.
  • Increase the practice of corporate prayer in the congregation. Actions steps include: Creating a prayer focus for the congregation each week, continuing to teach about prayer through sermon series and studies, coordinating prayer walks, identifying a prayer coordinator and life group to pray for requests from our prayer boxes, training our team leaders on corporate prayer and including prayer in all our meetings, and asking teams in December each year to suspend regular meetings and focus on prayer.