OMG (Outspoken, Mature & Generous)

If you are looking for a social group where you can connect, meet new people, and enjoy an evening out, come join us! OMG is a small group whose objective is to build supportive relationships between families and friends of St John's through conversation, activities, and service projects. We are a group of 40’s-50’s-ish (with some spill-over on both ends).

Whether it’s a pool party, rooting for the Rams, or just an evening together…you are sure to experience some great conversation and fun. Food is almost always part of the plan! Our goal is to strengthen our bond with Christ through supportive fellowship.

Additionally, we continue to look for ways to leverage the incredible skills and gifts our members bring to serve as the hands and feet of God.

When We Meet

The group meets once a month at various homes or sites determined by the person(s) hosting that month.